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Georgia Power Assistance: Help for Struggling Customers

Georgia Power Assistance Georgia Power offers bill payment assistance to customers facing financial hardship. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and community development, Georgia...

TXU Energy Assistance Program

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St. Louis MO Utility Assistance Programs: Helping You Pay Bills

Keeping up with rising utility bills can be a real headache. But, if you’re in St. Louis, MO, help is at hand! The city offers several utility assistance programs designed for low-income families and individuals. From financial aid to bill payment assistance, and even a helping hand to keep you cool during those scorching summer months, here’s the lowdown on what’s available in St. Louis.

Ameren Missouri: Powering Your Home

Ameren Missouri isn’t just the state’s biggest energy supplier; they’re also here to help when the bills pile up. Their most popular program, Dollar More, lets customers chip in an extra dollar on their monthly bills, which Ameren triples to help low-income families and individuals. Curious? Check out Ameren Missouri’s utility assistance programs or ring them up at 1-800-552-7583 for a chat.

Clean Slate: Starting Fresh

Hit a rough patch with job loss or illness? The Clean Slate program has your back. They offer up to $400 a year to help you clear those overdue bills. To find out if you qualify, give them a call at 314-622-4800.

City of St. Louis Department of Human Services: Here to Help

The City’s Human Services Department is all about supporting low-income folks with their electric bills, whether you’re renting or own your home. Based on your income, they could lend a helping hand. Dial 314-657-1650 to learn more.

St. Louis Economic Development Partnership: Empowering Communities

Need help with your utility bills or an air conditioner to beat the heat? The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership’s Energy Care program could be just what you need. For the deets, call 314-241-7665.

Food Programs: Filling the Gap

Struggling beyond utility bills? St. Louis has got you covered with food programs too. Check out the St. Louis Area Foodbank. They’re helping over 392,000 people in the region. Need food assistance? Ring 314-292-6262.

In Conclusion: Don’t Go It Alone

Living in St. Louis, MO, means you’ve got a network of support to help keep your lights on and your home comfortable. From financial aid to keeping cool in summer, these programs are here for you. If the bills are getting too much, reach out – you’re not alone. Many in St. Louis are in the same boat, and there’s no shame in asking for a bit of help. Stay informed and remember, it’s okay to ask for assistance when you need it.