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Apply for Window Replacement Program in California

California Window Replacement Program

The California window replacement program is an excellent approach to minimizing a home’s energy use. According to DOXO, Californians pay approximately 10% more than the rest of the country when it comes to utility bills.   This is why weatherization is essential.

What is weatherization?

The goal of weatherization programs is to minimize energy expenses in houses by improving their efficiency and comfort. This is done by putting in energy-saving building materials like insulation and caulking and fixing or replacing things like windows, doors, and furnaces.

In addition, the program conducts a thorough health and safety assessment of the home to guarantee that it is free of potential dangers. The ultimate objective of the program is to enable families to make their homes more energy-efficient and pleasant while reducing their energy expenditures. These initiatives may involve insulation, air sealing, window replacement, and other energy-efficient home improvements.

Low Income Weatherization Program (LIWP)

The California Low Income Weatherization Program (LIWP) is one of 12 programs to receive funding through the 2016-17 Budget Act. The program provides energy efficiency and renewable energy services to low-income households.

Assistance to Low-to-Mid Income Californians

If you’re in the Golden State, a higher-than-usual energy bill is a sign that you might benefit from energy-saving weatherization programs. If you feel cold drafts coming in through your windows or doors or use your heater or air conditioner all day in the winter or summer, you might want to have your home checked out. You may be in need of an energy audit.

Some of the ways energy efficiency has been improved are:

  • Filling in cracks and gaps around pipes, doors, and windows
  • Checking to see if your home has enough insulation
  • window repair or replacement
  • Seeing how well the heating and cooling systems work
  • Water heaters need to be fixed or replaced.

Why Weatherization Assistance?

  1. Weatherization assistance helps low-income California households save money by improving the energy efficiency and comfort of their houses. These programs can help in reducing energy expenditures, enhance indoor air quality, and create healthier, more comfortable homes. They may also be able to reduce energy use and pollutants, thus helping the environment. Weatherization assistance in California can enable local households to save hundreds of dollars annually on energy costs.
  2. Weatherization assistance can promote a healthier living environment for families. Families may enhance air quality, eliminate allergies and pollutants in the house, and save energy from nonrenewable sources by increasing the efficiency of their homes. Help with weatherization makes these families’ lives better by making their homes more comfortable without putting a strain on their budget or resources.

This assistance can assist low-income households in reducing energy expenses and enhancing their overall energy efficiency. Additionally, weatherization assistance can make homes more pleasant, leading to improved air quality, healthier living conditions, and increased safety. It can also help make a home more comfortable by cutting down on drafts and keeping rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

How to Qualify

To qualify for California’s weatherization assistance programs, your household must meet certain conditions. Among these characteristics are income, household size, and energy use. There are a variety of factors that may determine your eligibility for assistance. Notably, our energy efficiency and weatherization programs may prioritize applicants depending on their level of need, income, and household composition.

2022 ?California WAP Income Eligibility Guidelines


Persons In Household? ??Monthly???? Income
?1 ??$2,146.67
?2 ?$2,903.33
?3 ??$3,660.00
?4 ?$4,416.67
?5 $5,173.33
?6 ?$5,930.00
?7 $6,686.67
?8 ?$7,443.33
9 ?$8,200.00
?10 ?$8,956.67?



California Department of Community Services & Development
Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs Office