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Georgia Power Assistance: Help for Struggling Customers

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Portland, ME Utility Assistance

Portland, ME Utility Assistance Program

Utility AssistanceAccording to a survey by Arcadia Power that analyzed data from 120,000 utility customers in the Northeast United States, there’ve been significant increases in past-due utility payments from 2019 to 2020. Customers from 13 states and the District of Columbia owed $8 billion in past-due power bills at the end of 2020.

Through the Portland, ME Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), however, qualified homeowners and renters in Portland, ME can get help paying their utility bills. People who get this benefit can expect help with utility bills. If you qualify for HEAP, you may also be able to get help with the cost of repairs that are related to energy.

To apply, you need to fill out a written application and have an interview to find out if you are eligible and how much you will get. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to over a month. Different amounts of help are given to eligible households based on their size, income, and other factors.

What is HEAP?

energy assistanceHEAP is a low-income energy assistance program that can help cover the cost of your annual home heating expenses. Your benefit amount is determined by your family size and household income. What does it entail? You may be able to get help paying for your gas bill if you:

  • Have less than a seven (7) day supply
  • Have received an eviction notice, or,
  • Cannot pay your gas bill

Portland, ME households that need help with heating costs must apply for the HEAP program. The application is free and is not considered income. You can apply even if you applied before, were denied, or think you may have income above the limits.


EligibilityHow much HEAP help you may be eligible for depends on the size of your household, how much money you make, how much your energy bills cost, and other factors. To get help, your household’s annual income must be at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or 60% of the State’s FPL, whichever is higher.

Even if your landlord pays for your utilities, you can still get help from Portland’s HEAP.  You may be able to get more help if you only have enough heating fuel for less than three days or if you are in danger of losing your utilities because you can’t pay your energy provider.

If you qualify for HEAP, you may also be eligible for the following programs:

If your heating system needs to be fixed or replaced, the Central Heating Improvement Program (CHIP) might be able to help you out.

If you apply for HEAP, you will also be considered for the Low Income Assistance Plan, Weatherization, and Central Heating Improvement programs. Check out our list of agencies to contact for more information.

At the time of the application, the names and Social Security numbers of everyone living in the home should be given—income statements for the last 30 days, one month, or one year. Household income can come from many places, like a job’s salary, Social Security, unemployment, a pension, or a disability check.

Proof of where you live now (for example, a rent receipt, lease, deed, or property tax bill).

Copies of your most recent or most recent utility bills.

The source of heat for your home (natural gas, heating oil, propane, wood, wood pellets, biobricks, coal, corn, kerosene, or electricity).


Need to apply? Help with home energy costs may also be available through your local General Assistance Program. Call the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) at 1-800-442-6003, or dial 7-1-1 for Maine Relay for more information.